The Best Garage Containment Mats For Snow and Winter

The Best Garage Containment Mats For Snow and Winter

Having a reliable garage floor mat for snow and winter weather is an important decision to make when father winter is on his way. The proper mat will protect your garage floor from corrosion due to salt, water and de-icing fluids. It will also reduce the chance of slips, falls and accidents from the water and snow that freezes overnight on your floor. Additionally, they help keep the floor clean.

If you live in an area with a lot of snowfall, then containment mats would be the best option for you. Unlike, other garage mat options, containment mats can hold gallons of water without spilling anything. On those days your car drags in every piece of snow in the neighborhood, your containment mat will be there to catch all of it and then some.

Snow, ice, and water collect on the mat instead of on the garage floor. All the liquids are kept contained that drop from the sides and bottom of the vehicle, hence the name.

All of that said here are the top picks for 2021 in garage containment mats.


The first is the Park Smart Clean Park containment mat. These were arguably the first containment mats made available to collect water and snow. Though the design has not changed much, they work well and are still popular. They provide the nicest and cleanest look of the various containment mats to choose from.

Park Smart mats are available in a variety of sizes from 3’x4’ on up to a very large 9’x22’. You can park something as small as a snow blower to as big as an SUV or large truck.

Made of polyvinyl, these mats come with plastic snap-in borders that contain the water and snow. You can remove the liquid with a wet vac, mop, or just unclip the edges near the garage door and squeegee the water and snow out to the driveway.

They are available in a standard 20 mil and heavy duty 50 mil thick polyvinyl. We recommend the thicker 50 mil mat as the best choice of the two.

The 20 mil mats have developed a reputation of not holding up nearly as well to repeated use. As a result, they need to be replaced much sooner.

You can find both the heavy duty 50 mil and 20 mil options here at canadamats.

Floor Defender garage containment mat

Our ideal choice is our floor defender garage containment mats.





Floor Defender Garage Containment Mats feature a UV stabilized anti-skid vinyl surface combined with a raised foam edging. These waterproof mats prevent damage to garage floors by protecting them from fallen debris and grease from parked vehicles and can be easily rolled to store away until they are needed again.

Snow, Salt, Mud, Grease, and other Chemicals that your car brings into the garage can slowly damage the floors over time, create serious safety hazards, and affect valuables stored nearby. Contain the mess with a Floor Defender Garage containment mat.

Unlike many other products on the market, the Floor Defender Garage Containment Mats can be deployed in a matter of minutes, and start catching all kinds of mud, dirt, and chemicals under your car or truck. Just roll out and the product is ready for use.

The built in 1 3/16” ethofoam edge barrier retains its shape over time and keeps all kinds of dirt and chemicals contained on the mat, off the floors, and away from your walls and valuables.

The UV coated anti-skid vinyl and ethofoam barrier make these containment mats 100% waterproof and perfect for any environment ranging between -40 degrees to +40 degrees Celsius.

These features also make it very easy to clean, simply drag the mat outside with all its contents and hose it down. In a matter of minutes, the mat is ready to be redeployed and used all over again.


The underside of Floor Defender Pro Garage Containment Mats features a tatami grain pattern for increased traction. This patterned backing prevents these mats from lifting and allows them to retain their shape over extended periods of time. Also, the tatami grain patterned backing produces a smoother, less wrinkled surface than the smooth backed regular Floor Defender Garage Containment Mats.

You can find it here at Floor Defender.

Final Thoughts

Remember to be smart when choosing the best containment mat for you. If you get a fair bit of snowfall in the winter the garage containment mat is for you.

Our tip for you is to go for the heavier duty option if your budget allows for it as the extra costs will save you years on the lifespan of the mat and the duration of the garage floor. Many people who purchased a cheap mat have had the issue of not making it through an entire winter, while others with the better options have made it through multiple winters.

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